The Heart of the Matter in the Month of Love

During the month of February, many poetic words will be spoken about the power of love and caring for your sweetheart, but too often we show our love with addictive foods that make them happy.  Isn’t it a much more loving act to learn what healthy foods they will enjoy? Foods that will increase their energy, vitality, immune function, and circulation so you can live life to the fullest together?  For our February meeting tomorrow night 2/3/16 (details in the link) we will talk about preventing our #1 killer in the U.S., Heart Disease, batch cooking and other ideas to make it quick and easy, celebrate our success stories, support struggles, and share info on spotlight whole plant foods and recipes.


Since it is February here in Michigan, our special guests for the meeting are *weather permitting! We have planned 2 leaders from PBNSG coming to visit!

Denise Kling-Pelto (left) is PBNSG’s Culinary Curator and Debby Knight Jones is PBNSG’s Director of Health Education and Co-Director of Plant-Based Nutrition. Welcome them warmly!!

ALSO!  PlantPure Nation DVD’s have arrived and are available NOW so we can share this lifesaving information! Whoot!!

IMG_5124Speaking of PlantPure Nation, our next field trip is scheduled to PBNSG to see T. Collin Campbell and Nelson Campbell!!  Thursday February 25th @ 6:30 PM. Let’s go meet these plant-based leaders!!


AND more news from Plant Pure Nation!!


See you Wednesday night 2/3/2016!!  The location is GRCC’s DeVos Campus-Steward Edward White Hall Dining Room,  415 Fulton NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Turn into the GRCC administration building and we have permission to park there.  Enter the Tudor style historic home and follow the signs to the Steward Edward Dining Hall.

If you are able, please RSVP to either the Facebook invitation or, but RSVP is not required.  See you there! 🙂