Welcome from Grand Rapids Veg Fest!!

Welcome from Grand Rapids Veg Fest!

Plant Powered for Health Support Group members were so excited to be at the GR Veg Fest!  We introduced so many new people to our support group and we will warmly welcome everyone to our meetings!!!

As a recap, we meet the first Wednesday of each month, next on October 5th from 6:00pm-8:00pm.   The address is 415 Fulton NE, Grand Rapids 49503.  (FYI only-This campus used to be part of Davenport University, so many people think of this as the old Davenport location.)

Pictured above, the front of the administration building on Fulton Street (GRCC DeVos Campus).  Driveway on the East side of that building (looking at the front of the building, to the right).  Pull in driveway.  OK to park there, although signs will say not to. We have permission.  To the East (right) of that parking lot is the Steward Edward White Hall (Tudor style home). Go in the modern main entrance and watch for the signs.  It will be down a hall on the right and in the “dining room” of the historic home.

If you are on Facebook, we have a FB invitation to the next meeting:  https://www.facebook.com/events/964655793662737/

We also have an online FB group to talk and share between meetings: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1396457570633986/?ref=br_tf&qsefr=1.

And a FB page:  https://www.facebook.com/plantpoweredforhealth/?fref=ts .  Connect with us there as well to get to know each other and support each other virtually anytime 🙂

Potluck at 6pm, meeting at 6:30
Whole Food Plant Based, no added oils. List of suggested websites for recipe ideas: http://www.theveganjunction.com/top-15-healthy-oil-free-plant-based-recipe-websites/

Please come at 6 pm whether you have a dish or not. This is a time to mingle and connect. So remember, bringing food is optional, but your participation is the most important part! Everyone is welcome, whether you are a seasoned Plant-Powered eater or just plant curious 🙂 Come and join the discussion!

The monthly meetings are a free event! See you there!

Choosing Food Over Bypass

animatedheart   If your Doctor told you that your life depended on going into surgery for a heart bypass…or you could try changing your diet…what would YOU DO?  Paul Chatlin faced this choice, and with a leap of faith, chose to change his diet in order to get vital blood flow to his heart… and he has not only survived, he has THRIVED!

Along the way, he started the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG.org) so everyone who wanted to try this way of life would have community and support. Over time, Paul’s mission has expanded to include becoming a change-maker by working with medical schools to update curriculums, increase plant-based options in restaurants, and reaching out to lawmakers!  For our next meeting, Wednesday September 7th, Paul is going to visit us for our GR Plant Powered for Health meeting as our special guest and tell his story of reversing heart disease, and the work of being Founder and Chair of PBNSG!

Aaaaannnnnd to double our fun,  we will also host PBNSG’s VP of Operations, Jeremy Glogower! Jeremy is a man of many talents and is key in the production of PBNSG events, both large and small as well as hosting the group’s popular interview podcast.  He is both the wizard of event technology and as I like to think of him, the king of plant-based celebrity selfies!  Jeremy will share what this exciting job is like and how he came into plant based nutrition. It looks like they are all having a lot of fun!



***Also, I just returned from my Food For Life training with the Physician’s Committee in Washington DC! During our meeting, I’m excited to share reflections on the trip and the classes I’m bringing to GR!


This and more at our Plant Powered for Health meeting Wednesday, September 7th, @ 6pm!!  Facebook invitation:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1801350543414133/


GRCC DeVos Campus-Steward Edward White Hall Dining Room
415 Fulton NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503



Have you heard about the PlantPure Summit from PlantPure Nation?!


The first-ever PlantPure Summit (Sept 7-16) is less than a week away and will start at 10am EDT on Wednesday, Sept 7th, with a new speaker every 2 hours (10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm).  This is completely free, and you will NOT need to log in to any website to view the presentations.  There will be options to purchase recordings and other items, but it is a free educational event with more than 50 (!!) diverse speakers in the field of plant-based nutrition, animal advocacy and environmental protection efforts.  Speakers include our PBNSG friends Paul Chatlin, Dr. Kerry Saunders, and Dr. Joel Kahn along with many of our exciting (evidence-based) speakers like Drs. Greger, Ornish, Barnard, Popper, Campbell, Esselstyn, Carney and more!  This unstoppable plant-based movement is truly saving lives and creating a better tomorrow for generations to come. Sign up with our group’s affiliate link HERE!


Sign up with our group’s affiliate link HERE so they know we sent you!

***Join us at GR VegFest September 18th! We have a booth and I’m looking for volunteers to share staffing and tell others about our group! Let’s have a great turnout at VegFest and represent for whole-food plant based nutrition!grvf

Let’s kick off these September events right with our FANTASTIC meeting this Wednesday September 7th, @ 6pm!!  Facebook invitation:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1801350543414133/